Hey there, I am varun krishna s a fellow hacker, programmer who loves breaking stereotypes. I use a variation of the handle vhawk19, across different use social media.

What defines me? That indeed is a good question. Let me try answering it from a few different perspectives.

Varun likes

- Ensuring they are read up on all the trending hackernews posts
- Doomscrolling twitter
- Writing the same program in weird obscure languages
- Tinkering with hardware
- Learning more about computers
- History, philosphy, politics
- Talking to few hooman friends to stay sane
- Premature optimisation

Varun Dislikes

- Hustling
- Solving mundane problems
- Interfacing with hoomans IRL 
- Societal expectation
- People who imposse their opinion on others
- Folks who are ignorant about animal cruelty, degradation of the environment
- Control freaks
- Who belittle mental health
- Javascript

Varun is not sure if they like/diske

- Existence
- Confusion
- Capitalism
- Modern work culture
- Apple ecosystem
- VS code